02 Jul

I am so ecited to show you my new art objects ! I always love to experiment my art on different surfaces . This time I painted on wood cutting boards !.

I chosed to paint some in gold and silver and some on the regular colors I create with on canvas.

The new collection has not a name yet !

I added to the painted wood surface some metals stuff I had at home or I bought for creating and they have been waiting in some drawers in my studio.

You never know when you will use the stuff you buy when you are a creative person.

It always seems you just buy it because you know you will use it sometime.

Well,  I feel this time arrived and I added to my object the key chains and strap holders I had at home .

I share to this blog 3 differents pictures of the objects but the serie is bigger and I am sure I will create more of these very soon .

So just to let you see what I am working on these days , I invite you to look at the pictures .

I would be more than glad to receive some comments from you.

Thank you

With love 


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