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Solo exhibition about the last year Artist and her country life Art Appraisal Adi Gishes wrote about the exhibition : Dear Patricia, the small and intimate exhibition in your private gallery really touched my heart. I felt like you gave me a glimpse into the depths of your soul. In the abstract paintings I really felt the storm of emotions, the anger, anxiety and pain that were expressed both in the movement of the strokes of the knife on the canvas and in the selection and combination of colors. The watercolor paintings, on the other hand, and especially those of the ruins of Kibbutz Bari, and the Nova Party, are endowed with soft brushstrokes, soft lines, transparencies and colors, through which you can really feel the great pain beyond the image itself. There is no doubt that you are gifted with the ability to express a range of emotions from the soul outward with the help of the painting techniques and styles that you have adapted to yourself, and most importantly - to convey them to the viewer looking at your paintings. At times like this, when we all feel similar feelings about what moved us on October 7th and still continues... you allow even those who cannot express themselves like you, to empathize and deeply feel "together we will win". Successfully!

  • Date: 12/04/2024 11:00 - 01/05/2024 11:00
  • Location HaMelacha Street, 4 ' Netanya (Map)
  • More Info: Shponder Fadlon building First floor