16 Oct

From the 7/10, I feel ,like all the people in Israel that we are in a nightmare. Maybe it is not the reality? Maybe we will wake up from this horrible dream .
But no!!
199 men women children and babies have been kidnapped to Gaza.
1300 have been massacred by Hamas terrorists
3500 have been wounded and all of that is under thousands of rackets.
Families can not even bury their killed loved ones because of the missiles sent to many cities.
People are evacuated to places they can stay after they have no more homes that have been destroyed by the terrorists.
Hundreds of murdered have not been identified yet
because of the horrible way they have been murdered.
We are in the war against a terrible enemy, a group of terrorists, Isis soldiers !!
Wake up all of you in the world before you find yourself in the same situation.
Israel is strong and we will win the evil !
Am Israel Chai
Stand with Israel!#standwithisrael#bringthemback #israelatwar#עםישראלחי

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